18 February 2015

ARC REVIEW | The Penthouse Prince by Virginia Nelson


Single mom Jeanie Long was trying to save her butt at work by reporting her manager to the company owner. Instead, she finds herself greeted warmly by gorgeous company CEO Camden James...and introduced to his father as his fiancée. Now she's been hired—complete with a hefty pay raise—to be the fake fiancée of the infamous “Penthouse Prince.”

Camden doesn't believe in love. He believes in mutually beneficial business arrangements. With his real fiancée off cheating on him, Camden needs someone to help him prove to his father that he's definitely ready to marry. Yet Jeanie's combination of beauty and bluntness act like an aphrodisiac, and their “for the press” kisses look incredibly real. So real that Jeanie and Camden are either really convincing actors...or they've fallen for their own charade.

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Jeani Long didn’t need more stuff on her plate. She has been raising her daughter alone, and her job is on the line. She had no choice but to push her way up by reporting her manager to the company owner. But she was in for a big surprise when she found herself being hired and somewhat promoted into becoming the CEO’s fake fiancée. She was now the officially the fake soon-to-be-wife of the penthouse prince. Who wouldn’t like this woman? She’s responsible and she had sacrificed a lot for her child. Despite the fact she is showered with lavish gifts and a whole lot of rich-stuffs, she didn’t let it up on her head. She knows what she’s worth, and she wasn’t going to settle for anything less.

As for Camden: he doesn’t believe in love. His past nor his previous fiancée made him so cynical on love that he prefers a beneficial business arrangement when it comes to relationships and marriage. No broken hearts, and no unnecessary drama. Until Jeani came along – he had never met someone who is as beautiful, as refreshing and as real as her. And the kisses they shared for the ‘press’ is making its way down to his pants up to his brains. It seems way beyond fake – it feels almost real.

But with both the baggage from their past, and his view on love – will there be a chance that it will become real?

It’s well-written and a very entertaining read. It has the balance of a sweet romance and a steamy read, not to mention some humor as well. If you want to fall in love with another billionaire, put this book on your TBR list, you wouldn’t regret it. This is my first Virginia Nelson, and I'd gladly read one of hers again. 

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