12 January 2019

Book Review | The Double by Helena Newbury (@HelenaAuthor)


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He’s not a criminal, he’s the criminal. Ruthless and gorgeous, he rules half of New York. Everyone knows his name: Konstantin. I’m the exact opposite. As an FBI surveillance specialist, my job is to be invisible and that suits me just fine. I spend my life watching Konstantin, and he’s never once seen the shy girl taking photos from across the street.

But when Konstantin’s beautiful but evil “companion,” Christina, is injured in a car crash, we get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Plastic surgery can make me look just like her: I can take her place at Konstantin’s side and learn every secret he’s got. I must learn to mimic her exactly, from the way she walks to the sounds she makes in bed. Because if he suspects for one instant that I’m not her...he’ll kill me.

I soon discover that there’s more to Konstantin than anyone knows. That cold exterior hides a lifetime of pain and a deep, scorching need that takes my breath away. As our feelings spin out of control and my loyalties are tested, I need to know: is he falling for me...or the woman I’m impersonating? I was sent to destroy him but I might be the only one who can save him. And the love I was told to fake might just be real.


Oh. My. God.

This book.

This is one of the best books I read from Helena Newbury.

The plot was familiar, and yet, I can't just helped but love it - by the way she made the storyline. It wasn't boring, and as the story goes, it just got more interesting. 

The characters are just amazing - Konstantin is a powerful mob boss, a Russian who rules half of New York. FBI wants to get their hands on him, but he's simply too intelligent to fall into their traps.

Hailey spent two years behind binoculars and cameras doing under surveillance for the FBI, and her subject - Konstantin. She likes her work, and she's good at it. After all, it was easy for her to be invisible. 

When FBI finally got that rare chance of getting inside Konstantin's world, they immediately grabbed it. And shy Hailey should now try and mimic the seductress and woman of the world that Konstantin dated. Can she do it? Because if she can't do it, and Konstantin realizes she's an impostor - she might end up dead. 

But then everything changes when Hailey went into his world and realized that he was more than the mob boss. There was more to him than what every one thought. Soon, Hailey was torn between him and her job. What will she chose when her loyalties starts to falter? 

Helena Newbury keeps me on my toes, on the edge of my seat with my heart just barely hanging on in there. This was one of the best reads coming from her so far, not just because I fancy those strong Russian accent - but the surprises and twists that kept coming on and on, until the final chapters. You thought you had it figured out, you thought you are almost in the end and nothing's going to happen major now - I was so wroooong! The momentum was still there, and it kept on until the final pages, when finally, my heart starts to beat in a more regular rhythm, and Helena gave me an ending I so deserve after everything she did in this novel. LOL.

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