07 May 2013

Book Review: Everything Changes by Shey Stahl

Title: Everything Changes
Author: Shey Stahl
Date Published: April 14, 2013
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Rating: ✩ (3.75)

I knew a boy once.
He was a boy that changed everything.

I didn't know Parker O’Neil outside of the occasional smile and wink. The AMA Supercross racer came to our small town one winter, and I had no idea what he was capable of. How could I have known that he would change my life forever that summer? Eventually, the occasional smile became a smile I grew to love and longed to see. The occasional wink became a gesture that made my soul sway and my heart ache. In the canyons of the desert, he showed me his lifestyle and his love.

What I didn't see was the control he had over me. It was a power the glitz and glamour of his professional lifestyle had and eventually what tore apart any life I thought I knew. In his world of banging bars and soaring jumps, there was no room for someone like me. But for five years, every time he called or touched me, everything changed again. It was a touch that could heal anything and a smile that could light even the darkest nights.

Everything Changes is my first Shey Stahl book and it had me glued to every page - annoyed, exasperated with the lead female (and yes, the lead male as well). This book proved that good, open and honest communication is essential in a relationship. Yes, it would have saved the both of them all those agonizing years of heartaches, doubts and pains if they have sat down and talked about what they really are rather than second guessing everything. This novel also reminded its readers that change is an inevitable part of life, everyone must learn to deal and cope with it.

Rowan, oh my gahd. She automatically fell on my list of heroines-I-sort-of-don't-like. They were young, and probably immature to handle a relationship, but cheating? Stringing another human being? That's a big no-no for me. So that's the reason why I wasn't really into her. But on the other hand, there are certain girls who would want a stable life, with a safe person. Rowan is that type of girl, only that she wasn't really over Parker because every time he calls, she comes back to him.

Parker. I always adore the silent types. They are the one who piques my interests and well, obviously Rowan's interest as well. He was quiet and was not really good at communicating - which was the root of all the problems that they have. Nevertheless, I have adored him because the first time he went to bed with Rowan - he was... Yes, it was cute, unexpected and he totally got me that time. His loyalty and his love for Rowan is also admirable knowing that he was surrounded by a lot of girls because of the sports and lifestyle he had chosen, no one came close - to both his mind, body, heart and soul, it was just her all the time. 

Sean - my heart always goes to the innocent bystanders. I loved him and wished all along that he will wake up from his blinded state and see reality. Because honestly, he deserved a woman who will love him like the way Rowan loves Parker - immensely, crazy at times, but true. 

The secondary characters like her best friend, Justin and her parents are just great. They were there when the both of them needed support, but allowed them to decide for themselves. I adore her father loved her unconditionally and was always there for her. Her mother, on the other hand, may not be perfect but was everything she needed in her life. She was her breathe of fresh air.

If you ask me if I will read Everything Changes once again, I think I'll pass and will have to patiently wait for a sequel. I think I had enough being inside Rowan's mind most of the time. Nevertheless, this is my first Shey Stahl book and I sort of enjoy it - if you call maniacally reading every page until I reach the final page where I have released the breathe I was holding throughout the novel. Then I did, in the end, all the frustrations, all those exasperation are worth it. And yes, I will have to try reading some of her works as well.

 “I know how you feel. I know because I live for the moment I hear your voice when you answer… and everything changes for me. I live for the hello.”

“How can you think that? Don’t you see it, Ro? The blood that runs through my veins, the air that fills my lungs, it belongs to you. It’s only ever be you for me.”

Change. It could happen in the blink of an eye and it wasn’t always bad. Sometimes change was good. Sometimes it showed you where you were meant to be all along.

Sometimes everything changes and you’re left wondering how it happened and where you could have down shifted.”

Sometimes love hits and instant and you have no idea how to process it or what it means or how it can control you. Sometimes it can take you years to get your shit together.

Shey Stahl
Suspenseful romance writer. Author of the Racing on the Edge Series. Published titles include Happy Hour, Trading Paint, Black Flag and The Champion. The Legend is scheduled to be released December 24, 2012.
When she's not writing, Shey Stahl can be found at the local dirt tracks in Washington watching her favorite sport, racing.

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