01 January 2012

A peek inside a book maniac's brain: Hello 2012!

I couldn't say 2011 has been a great year for me and my family - but with things happening now, I am looking forward for a brighter and more prosperous 2012.

According to Goodreads, I have finished 179 books this year! Whew! What a year... now for 2012, I'm planning to finish 200 - ambitious!! But I'll try, who knows, I might pull it off. 

New Year's Resolution? I dunno, I haven't made one last year, and I don't think a resolution of mine became a reality. Got to give it another shot this year:

1. HEALTH - I need to watch what I eat, drink - and I need to sleep a lot. Sleeping less caused me my health problem. I hope I'll get well before the year ends, that means I need more rest, and follow my drug therapy meticulously. I'll try to exercise when my doctor gives me a thumbs up. 
2. MONEY - SAVE! Exactly what I need this year is to save for travels and books and future.
3. CAREER- Do well on an interview and finally land myself a NURSING-related job. After all, I am a nurse, although I do love writing, I'll find a way to insert my writing career while saving humanity
4. LOVE - steady, unhurried phase.  Que Sera Sera
5. FAMILY - Help my father to get well, have him memorized his drug therapy (because I have my own therapy to worry about), not to transmit any stupid microorganism to my sissy (who is in a panic mode), healthy bodies to mom and baby brother. 

What books am I dying to read early this year:

Not necessarily in this order - but I'd love to read them as soon as they are out.

I hope you will have the grandest year as well. Happy New Year Everyone!


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