03 January 2012

Book Review: Kiss Crush Collide

Book Details

Author: Christina Meredith
Format: Kindle Edition
File Size: 446 KB
Publisher: Greenwillow Books (December 27, 2011)

Book Summary

Leah has the life most high school girls would kill for—popularity, glowing grades, a rich, athletic boyfriend. So why does she feel like she can’t breathe? And why can’t she stop thinking about the boy from the country club? The one who isn’t her boyfriend, the one that her mother would never, ever approve of, the one that her perfect older sisters would never, ever look at twice. The one who is always looking back at her. Irresistible attraction, smoldering glances, the bad boy and the good girl—Kiss Crush Collide has everything that a steamy forbidden romance should, and then some. 

With graceful and honest writing and an electric love story, this is a book about growing into your own skin. For fans of Perfect Chemistry, Sarah Dessen, and John Green.

Book Review

Rating: 3/5

I have been waiting for Kiss Crush Collide since I had it on my Recommendation List at Goodreads, and liken it to Simone Elkeles’ Perfect Chemistry – I just knew I had to read it ASAP. But I was bound for a big disappointment.

Kiss Crush Collide is a quick read, about a perfect girl from a perfect family who fell in love with a not so perfect boy. The cover was stunning, it was sweet, I was expecting a romantic interlude between a boy and a girl. Instead, the story focused more on Leah and her dysfunctional family.  

Leah was the youngest among the three, and practically she have lived her life the way she was expected to do so – following the examples of her sisters. Well, she was making it all happen until she met Porter, a guy who works at a country club – and suddenly her plans fell apart.

Although I like the story line, I didn’t feel any connection with Leah. The supposedly important character ‘Porter’ wasn’t developed, and after reading the whole book, I just stared at my Kindle and said “This was it?!!” I wanted more from Porter and Leah. Something more besides the make out sessions they have – a relationship, a conversation – anything!

Maybe part of my disappointment came from the fact that Kiss Crush Collide was compared to a personal favorite – something I have read and really liked. On the other hand, if I haven’t come across Perfect Chemistry, I would’ve liked this one fine. 

Favorite Quotes

I know now that this isn’t true love or perfection or happily ever after. It’s not even meant to be. This is a broken condom at the end of a drunken night. This is a generational walk of shame with two hundred spectators

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