25 November 2011

A peek inside a bookmaniac’s brain: Choleric Chucha

I have taken the personality test for a couple of times, and I still gain the same results: CHOLERIC.

Choleric is just one of the four temperaments, a theory of proto-psychology that came from the ancient medical concept of humorism and suggests that four bodily fluids affect human behaviors and personality traits. Other three are: Sanguine, Melancholic and Pragmatic.

I have researched what kind of person possesses a choleric personality and found the following information – some are true and fits me like skin, some will just remain theory. Basically, people with choleric temperaments are ambitious and leader-like. They have a lot of aggression, passion and energy and they try to inculcate it to other people. They can dominate people of other temperaments, especially the phlegmatic types. A lot charismatic military and political figures were choleric. They like to be in-charge of everything.

What is good about being choleric (plus my personal thoughts on the matter)

§      Born leader, dynamic and active and have a compulsive need for change – I have been a leader since I was in grade school. It was nice to have the last say every now and then. Yes, I want change, but I am not the type of person who will march on the streets to gain it. After all, small changes start within yourself – I prefer it that way.
§      Often feel that you must correct wrongs – I am not perfect. But I have the compulsion to point out things that I think is wrong, to the point of rudeness sometimes. I really couldn’t help it. I know people hates to know the truth because most of the time it really stings – especially when they’re wrong. I just couldn’t stand there and witness something that is not right.
§      Strong-willed, influential, independent and self sufficient – okay, I am not sure about the influential thing, but I know I am strong-willed and independent. I can decide on my own and when I want to do certain things – nothing in this world will stop me… ummmm… except family emergency.
§      Not easily discouraged and can be unemotional if needed – as I have said, nothing can stop me. I think if you want to do something, there are a million ways to do it, if you don’t – a million reasons are available as well. Hormones make me more emotional than necessary.   
§      Capable of running anything and exude confidence – THEORY! GEEEZZZZ, I do have a very uncomfortable stage fright. I hate standing in front of people that I do not know. I am okay inside the classroom, and comfortable speaking in front of my classmates – but the whole school?! Not my thing.
§      Expert in exerting sound leadership, establishing goals and able to motivate the family in to action – Is this like making my family do whatever I want? Sometimes, but my mom is more persuasive than I am.
§      Knows the right answer and organize the household – most of the time, I may know the right answer, especially when I have burnt the midnight oil.
§      Goal oriented, see the whole picture and organize well I have goals that other people do not understand, but I have plans. I do not need to elaborate it further to people who seem to doubt if it works. IT WILL WORK, I am so sure of it. (Confident much?) I am not comfortable with people (especially those who aren’t close to me) suggesting much about my future. This is my life, my future, whatever I want to do with it is my choice, right?
§      Delegate work but insist on productivity- I will delegate work if I cannot do it anymore. Not to mention, I will recheck the work over and over again, it will probably end up being redo by me.

Why people hate choleric?

©       Bossy and impatient
©       Quick tempered, can’t relax and can be too impetuous
©       Enjoy controversy and arguments and won’t give up when losing
©       Come on too strong, are inflexible and uncomplimentary – THEORY!!!
©       Dislike tears and emotions and are generally unsympathetic - THEORY!!!
©       Tend to over dominate, are too busy for your family and will often give answers too quickly - THEORY!!!
©       Impatient with poor performance and won’t let children relax if you have any. You are likely to send them in to depression - THEORY!!!
©       Little tolerance for mistakes, however, you don’t analyze details yourself, are bored by trivia and can often make rash decisions.
©       Rude and tactless and often manipulate people
©       Demanding of others and believe that the end justifies the means.
©       Work may become the driving force in your life and you demand loyalty in the ranks.
©       Tend to use people and dominate others THEORY!!!
©       Make decisions on other people’s behalf and you know everything.
©       Can do everything better, are too independent and are overly possessive of friends and mate – I don’t have a lot of friends, I can still enumerate them by names. But I know they’re real and they stick to me no matter what. I do not manipulate them – swear!
©       Can’t say you’re sorry and, although you may often be right, you can become unpopular

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