11 October 2012

Book Review: All Things Different

by Shawn Underhill

Book Description:
"I know that the night is not that same as the day: that all things are different, that the things of the night cannot be explained in the day, because they do not then exist." 
~ Ernest Hemingway 

Late in the summer of 2005, starkly independent Jake Thornton was on the verge of turning 16, expecting little more than his driver’s license in the fall, and the continuance of the quiet life shared with his father. So when 14-almost-15 year old Sara moved in next door and began vying for his father’s attention, Jake wasn’t exactly thrilled, and couldn’t quite understand his father’s motives for allowing it. But certainly he never anticipated the dramatic shift their lives would take as a result.

As the summer fades and autumn takes over, friendship between the two teenagers begins blossoming into a bond, until fate steps in once more, threatening to tear them apart as quickly as they’ve come together. The decisions that follow, and the emotive tale that results, opens Jake’s eyes to the simple yet life altering truth, a truth that Sara has understood all along: that love—not the feeling but the action—is the most powerful force in the world.

Book Review: 4/5
"Your heart aches because it's good." 

Never judge a book by its cover - an old adage that I should've learned a long time ago. Nevertheless, mistakes do happen, and one look at the cover, I have already concluded that this one belongs to the fantasy genre. Instead, it was a contemporary love story, written in almost narrative form. Which makes me realize that some novels needs less dialogue for it to be great. It just needs the right words, an wonderful plot, and a set of remarkable characters. Just like this book.

Shawn Underhill is a master storyteller. I love the way he wrote the whole novel - the descriptions are vivid and you can just put yourself in the pages - feeling all those emotions and being in the places inside the book. The pacing is just enough to allow readers to sit back and watch not just the development of each characters, but watching relationship flourish as well. 


The Characters

Jake is a likable character. A typical boy who didn't want girls around - especially when he had been living alone with his father for a couple of years. He's responsible, and has a good head on his shoulders. If there is one word that best describe him, it would be: pragmatic. I like how is character matured through the pages, although I wasn't sure when was the time that he really fell in love with Sara. It's almost like being a couple is already given since they were already friends. I think a little bit of sweet words, romantic gestures wouldn't hurt. 

Sara has some heavy baggage to carry, but I love her resilience. The sudden change in her moods is understandable after what she's been through, but despite of it - she decides to live life and find something to be happy about. She found a home with Jake and his father. At a young age, she gave them a home which I greatly admire. I find her very sweet, and thoughtful. She's very persuasive and watching her make Jake putty in her hands is also entertaining.

Jake's Dad is the best father in the world! Just like an ordinary father, he is not vocal with his feelings, but he shows that he cares not only to Jake but to Sara and her mother as well. He's very helpful and generous to people who needs him the most. He is also hardworking, but he always makes sure he has time for Jake.

Finally, after a while - I had the time to read this book on my Kindle. It took me long but it was totally worth it. The whole story is in crescendo and ended in a beautiful finale that left me teary-eyed and satisfied. It may not end the way I wanted it to be, but it is just amazing as it is.

Favorite Quotes:

  • “It's not morbid to miss people.” 
  • “Your heart aches because it's good.” 
Disclaimer: Book reviewed was sent to me by the author and I have received no compensation of any kind for the review whether it is positive.

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