26 September 2012

Book Review: Fall Guy

by Liz Reinhardt

Book Description

Evan Lennox is going nowhere fast. She's living with her grandparents after her parents bailed on her, she got kicked out of her posh private school, her ex-boyfriend proved to be the biggest sleaze imaginable, her former best friend is a back-stabber, and her current best friend is stuck in backwoods NJ. To top it all off, one teeny, tiny fire she lit to burn some memories of her ex goes a little out of control and winds up igniting a good piece of a very powerful family's pecan orchard.

Evan lands her pampered behind in court and gets sentenced to community service. Which she knows she deserves. But the hard labor and humiliation may be her undoing.

Until she meets Winchester Youngblood on the site. 

Everything about him is tricky, confusing, not at all what it seems, and so sexy, Evan can't resist pulling closer. But every step she takes to get to know him gives her more of a reason to back up and put him as far out of life as she possibly can. Because Winch is one hundred percent complicated, and Evan isn't looking for that. At all. She needs to meet a nice, responsible guy, not share searing kisses with the charming hustler she met after they both got sentenced in court.

But Winch is so much more than what he seems, and Evan finds out that she's falling hard for the guy everyone underestimates and writes off. And Winch realizes that Evan is the one person who's ever challenged him to ask for more out of his life, and her courage inspires him to try to be the person she sees when she looks at him. With every single odd stacked against them, Evan and Winch need to find out whether they have what it takes to fall for each other.

Review: 5/5
So I get ready to let go and free-fall in the scariest jump of my life. But she's with me. So I swallow my fear and do it. 

Expectations: MET 

I love this book, and I finished it in one sitting. One look at the cover and after reading the blurb, I know I have to read this. So despite the fact I still have two more books on my list, I let this one pass and made this one my priority - and thank God, it did not disappoint me. 

Liz Reinhardt made an exceptional novel that is more than just a simple plot of two people against all odds. It talked about social classes, family, deviancy, drugs, teenage pregnancy and a whole lot more: bound into a book that will keep you interested until the final page. 

Her characters are flawed, which makes them more real and tangible to her readers. I like Evan, her strength and her courage to face anything that came in her way. She fought for their love against 'powerful' forces. For a while, I thought this book would end differently. 

Winch, the name: I love. The person who possess the name: I love more. He gives priority to his family and save their asses to a fault. He loves them and willing to risk everything for them until Evan came along and made him realize that he too has a life to live.

I love every pages of this book, and if I didn't have a lot of books on my list, I would love to read this one again. The drama is not too heavy for my taste, just enough to tickle your tear glands.

Would I recommend this one? Definitely

Favorite Quote:
  • “I could never hurt you as bad as you try to hurt yourself,” 
  • “I'm powerless against a bad boy and his hot kisses.” 
  • “We met in court. I don't think we qualify as good decision makers.” 
  • “I will never break your heart. I will never hurt you. I might fuck up, I might not be perfect, but I'll never hurt you, Evan. You have my word.” 
  • “Dresses that are complicated," she says softly, the smile on her lips pure wicked fun, "are essential to teach girls that they shouldn't bother with guys who won't figure out how to take off a dress.” 
  • “Sometimes' is all we really have anyway, right? Nothing is 'always.”
  • “Darling, family can be the very devil in disguise. More powerful than any drug, more alluring than any sin. They can demand a loyalty that will rip your heart out and chew it up without the thought of an apology.” 
  • “What he doesn't realize is that I'm already standing at the bottom, waiting to catch him. And I never miss.” 
  • “You're the fall guy, Winch. You're the guy they come to when no one else will stand up and take their medicine. And they come to you because you never make them stand up and take it.” 
  • “So I get ready to let go and free-fall in the scariest jump of my life. But she's with me. So I swallow my fear and do it.” 
  • “That I love her, that I want her, that I'm never going anywhere, that she and I are going to last. That this is real. That it’s forever.” 
  • “I'll spend the rest of my life falling as far and deep and hard as my heart will let me go in love with this perfect, crazy girl who taught me to let go and hold on. I know in that minute I'll be Evan's fall guy until the day I die, and my future, for the first time in my life, is an always I can't wait to fall into.” 
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