22 September 2011

Stay With Me

Book Details

Author: Paul Griffin
Reading level: Young Adult
Hardcover: 304 pages
Publisher: Dial (September 8, 2011)
Language: English


An urban romance that will capture your soul, break your heart, and restore your faith in the human spirit
Fifteen-year-olds Cece and Mack didn't expect to fall in love. She's a sensitive A student; he's a high school dropout. But soon they're spending every moment together, bonding over a rescued dog, telling their secrets, making plans for the future. Everything is perfect. Until. Until. Mack makes a horrible mistake, and in just a few minutes, the future they'd planned becomes impossible. In this stark new reality, both of them must find meaning and hope in the memories of what they had, to survive when the person they love can't stay.
From award-winning writer Paul Griffin, Stay with Me is both heartbreaking and uplifting, filled with characters (both dog and human) that will forever change the way you look at the world.
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Stay with me is my very first Paul Griffin novel. I’m totally hooked into it although I am not really fond of dogs – but for those who are fond of them, you’ll love to read this as well. I learned that a pit bull’s jaw doesn’t really lock. Another thing is that this novel brought me to a roller coaster of emotion. The emotions are real and raw. I was near to tears in several parts of the book.  I like his words, and the way he writes stuffs. You get to love and hate the characters. Cece, the girl with a future, fell in love with Mack, the guy with no future. The story tells us that there is good in every person, and everyone is a candidate for second chances. No matter what his or her previous mistake was. Lastly, what I love about this book is the ending – it was a happy ending, but not the one that you expect.  Stay with me is a truly refreshing read if you want something different.  

Favorite Quotes

“I love pits the most. They’re true. Don’t listen to what everybody says, that they like to attack folks. You’ve got more of a chance of a golden retriever turning on you”

They only fight because they’re scared the other dog is going to get them first and wouldn’t you be if your whole life was fighting?

“You are a med.” “I’m a med?” “You’re like a happy drug to me. You’re kind of like perfect.”

"She's my world and I'm her satellite coasting through the stars"

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